Cellマルチホーミング(Cell Janus)
Cell IPS
Cellネットワーク管理(Cell NetsVision)

Cell IPS (Intrusion Prevention System:侵入防止システム)

製品概要 特徴 仕様 GUI 利用例
モデル Cell IPS-100E Cell IPS-100
Cell IPS-200
Cell IPS-500
Cell IPS-800
Cell IPS-1000P
Throughput: IPS-100E: 100Mbps IPS-100: 100Mbps
IPS-200: 200Mbps
IPS-500: 500Mbps
IPS-800: 800Mbps
IPS-1000P: 1Gbps
Concurrent Session: IPS-100E: 350,000 IPS-100: 250,000
IPS-200: 350,000
IPS-500: 500,000
IPS-800: 800,000
IPS-1000P: 1,000,000
Operation Mode: Inline Mode (Bridging), Passive Mode (IDS), Gateway Mode
Number of the Signature/KB: over 3000 signatures/KB automatically updated from Cell SSC
Signature/KB Update: Manual, Automatic or Pre-Schedule
Intrusion Detection & Prevention:
  • Stateful Pattern matching (signature detection)
  • HTTP protocol flow analyzer
  • Multi-rule search by protocol, generic content, packet anomaly, protocol anomaly, traffic anomaly and keywords
  • TCP Segment Reassembler
  • Real-time TCP sessions and packet loggings
  • Support 802.1q VLAN detection
  • IP Fragmentation
  • SYN Flooding
  • UDP and ICMP Flooding control
  • Support IM and P2P detection
Anti-Virus (AV) Detection & Blocking:
(IPS-100E only)
Packet-based Gateway Anti-Virus Scanning
Support HTTP,FTP,SMTP,POP3 & IMAP4 Protocols Scanning
Packet-based Base64 Decoding
No File Size Limitation
Support compression file scanning
Detect Virus in Multi-Packets
Internet Applications Management (AppMgt):
(IPS-100E only)
Up-To-Date Internet Activity Control
Support public IM clients: ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Window Live Messenger, and web-based clients
Support public P2P application: eDonkey, BitTorrent, EZPeer, Thunder, PPLive, QQLive, Skype and other P2P applications
Support Scan and Block Social Website Access, Media Streaming, File Transfer, and online gaming
Application Protocol Detection and Protection
Web Filtering:
(IPS-100E only)
Website Hijacking Prevention
Concise URL Malicious Website Database
URL filtering by Host Name or Host + Path
Exempt List (Blacklist and White list)
Gateway Spyware Protection
System Administration: Web-based GUI
Serial console
Access Control Lists
Java-based GUI: Cell JConsole
Serial console
Access Control Lists
Database Management: Built-in database - backup, purge and restore
External open source database via Cell NetsVision
Support policy backup or external data storage
Report Management: Build in reporting and analysis tools
Bandwidth reporting
Export to PDF, Excel, HTML and others
Language Supported: Traditional/Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and English
2-tier architecture: Standalone configuration/or with multiple sensors by JConsole / Web UI
3-tier architecture One Sensor support multiple Cell NetsVision for resilience purpose
Interface to SIM: SNMP v2 Trap, UDP syslog messages
Email notification
Interface to Cell Product: Fully Support to Cell NetsVision (Cell iCMS-IPS)
Cell IPS Centralized Management - Cell iCMS-IPS
  • Cell iCMS-IPS management for Cell IPS products portfolio
  • Java-Based Server-Client platform
  • 3-tiered network architecture design
  • Cell iPlug-in technology for integration of SNMP or Syslog devices
  • Multi-Asian languages supported
  • Multi-Platform capabilities supported
  • Remote security policy configuration of the IPS supported
  • Manual, or Pre-Schedule security reporting
Hardware Appliance: 430x44x396 mm 430x44x396 mm 430x44x396 mm 430x88x515 mm
Physical Interfaces: 4 FE Interfaces
2 FE Hardware bypass
4 FE Interfaces
2 FE Hardware bypass
4 FE Interfaces
2 FE Hardware bypass
4 GE, 4 optional SFP
2 GE Hardware bypass
Hardware Redundancy: - - - Dual power/system fan
Optional RAID HDD
Target Market: SOHO & SMEs Market SOHO Market SMEs Market Large Enterprises Market