Cell e-TAC

Cell e-TAC (On-Line Technical Assistance Centre) は、当社の経験豊富な技術サポートエンジニアが週7日24時間の技術サポートをインターネット経由のオンラインヘルプデスクにより認定パートナー、リセラー、カスタマーに提供します。
Cell e-TACは、 当社のセルテクノロジー製品ドキュメント/FAQ、一般的な質問、製品技術サポート、サポート・ケース・トラッキング・システムをサポートするだけでなく、製品メンテナンスやRMAサービスも簡単なWebアクセスを通じて提供します。

A web-based support case tracking system is designed for easy communication during technical support or problem events occurred. Partners could report any engineering or technical cases with severity levels, escalation procedures to Cell support team and keep track the update with appropriate frequency.
Product Resource Center provides a central location for partner to download product documentation, specification, technical support bulletin, software update patch, signature update and other important product-related files.
FAQ provides a searchable knowledge base for Cell product installation or deployment with description of problems, common symptoms, and suggestion solutions based on previous support experiences. Cell e-TAC always update and input the common knowledge and technical know-how for partner to ensure and smooth the product installation, deployment or testing process without any problems.
Routine signature update, software upgrade patch or bug fixes are provided to partner。ヲs field engineers for consistently and regularly upgrades Cell product.
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